Oldest forex broker in the world

Oldest forex broker in the world

Ever wondered who is the oldest Forex broker in the world?

According to CMC Markets History page they are the world`s oldest Forex broker in the world:

CMC Markets was founded by Peter Cruddas in 1989, and since then the company has grown to become a global leader in online retail trading. There have been numerous significant milestones for the Group over the past 25 years as the company has expanded into new markets around the world and continues to champion innovation and new trading technology.

When “Currency Management Corporation”, later abbreviated to CMC, first began trading in London in 1989 as an FX broker, the office contained one desk, one telephone and one highly ambitious trader and entrepreneur. Over the following years the company grew rapidly, and in 1996 it launched the world’s first online retail FX trading platform, allowing its clients to take advantage of markets previously only accessible to institutional traders.

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